Full turn key production of training videos.  

You pick the subject we will research write and produce a culturally relevant linguistically effective training tool that you can use to;

In addition to producing Bi-lingual Training Videos Cacique Marketing produces a one of a kind financial services show that is designed to help the local Hispanic community with their money management needs.




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Su Dinero is a financial services show that is designed to reach the more then 66,099 Households in Collier and Lee County Florida. According to the US Census ACS 2005 data, the Aggregate household income in Lee county is $ 1.2 Billion dollars and Collier it is $943 Million dollars. The number of Hispanic Population in the TV Shows broadcast area is 150,055. The population in the lucrative 18 to 50 year old demographic is 93,929.

The content of the show is designed to give the target market useful financial information regarding their personal finances. It is presented in Spanish, in terms that are understandable and functional. All of the topics will be practical with enough illustrations to clarify the many confusing US financial markets terms and concepts.

Sponsorship affiliation with $u Dinero TV Show has many benefits including;

  1. Identity
    1. Develop High consumer awareness of products being offered
    2. Build strong Brand loyalty
    3. Help to introduce new products
  2. Positioning
    1. Describe in detail your product benefits
    2. help explain your product in emotional terms
    3. system to improve communications with the Hispanic Consumer that will help them in decision making.
  3. Affordable
  1. Sponsor rates are affordable and are designed to allow Sponsors to build campaigns that will demonstrate a definitive commitment to the Hispanic Community's financial well being.
  2. Sponsor Identification with the show will provide Hispanics with a positive impression of an organization that is making the effort to be associated with a major Hispanic Issue...Money Management.

The show will follow a highly rated local Hispanic Talk variety show that has been on the air for over 4 years.  Promotions will be designed to encourage the audience to stay tuned for vital information regarding the viewers' financial well being.

An extremely favorable household income and quality demographic will allow Financial Service providers, (BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES) and big ticket retail sales ( AUTOMOBILES, APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS) and the Real Estate agencies to take advantage of sponsoring the shows many financial topics.

Currently there are 10 shows produced that cover themes such as;

  1. Family Budgeting,
  2. How to select a fee friendly Bank,
  3. Understanding Credit,
  4. Analyze Automobile Purchase versus Leasing,
  5. Mortgage Qualification Requirements.

There are plans for a total of 30 shows for 2007 covering various issues and financing techniques. The fist show will be on basic budgeting skills. A demo is available by clicking the above Image of the TV show host.


























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